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Masters in Professional Screenwriting from USC

Writers Boot Camp Alumnus

Former Coverage analyst/script doctor for ScriptCoach.com.

2016 Grand Prize Winner Other Worlds Austin Screenplay Contest: Original Pilot “Jen-16”

2015 Finalist Screencraft TV Pilot Launchpad Competition. Original Pilot “Coldwater”

2015 Finalist Los Angeles Screenplay Competition, Original Pilot “Coldwater”

2015 Semifinalist Screencraft TV Pilot Launchpad Competition, Original Pilot “The Colony”

2014 Finalist Creative World Awards Original Pilot “Coldwater”

2014 Finalist Creative World Awards Original Pilot “Hereditary”

2014 Semifinalist Screencraft Comedy Script Contest “A Christmas Survival Guide for the Modern Vampire”

2013 Semifinalist Page International Screenwriting Competition “TRAP”

2012 Finalist TrackingB.com TV Script Contest Original Pilot “Coldwater”

2011 Finalist Creative World Awards, Mentalist Spec “Red Cloud”

2010 2nd Place Winner Storyboard TV Competition, Original Pilot “Jen-16”

2010 Winner, Writers Boot Camp Fellowship, Feature “Stone’s Gambit”

2009 Top 10 Finalist, FilmStream Screenplay Competition, Feature “Hell’s Angels”

2008 Top 25 Finalist, NYTVF-FOX Comedy Script Contest, Original Pilot “Comic Book Geeks”

2006 Top 10 Finalist, Scriptapalooza TV Competition, Monk Spec “Mr. Monk and the Dog Detective”

2005 2nd Place Winner, Fade In Screenwriting Competition, Feature “MurderGirls”

2005 Grand Prize Winner, Writemovies.com International Writing Competition, Feature “The Devil and Agent Webster”


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