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The Solver (Drama): John Torres “solves” problems, by eliminating them, as a Ft. Lauderdale based hit man. He only kills criminals, but since he is situated in the midst of a drug war, he’s got plenty of work. He’s got quite a setup, living in a retirement community for the security and the quiet and solving problems to make ends meet, but when his long-lost half-sister shows up, things get shaken up big time.

Comic Book Geeks (Sitcom): When two best friends realize their comic books store is failing, their dreams appear to be over. But when a beautiful woman shows up with her ex-boyfriend’s priceless collection, their whole world changes. (2008 FOX-NYTVF Comedy Script Contest Finalist)

Coldwater (Drama): Based on my grandfather’s unpublished memoir, Coldwater provides an inside look at the politics and intrigue within a WWII concentration camp.

Deanara’s Coven (Drama): A “Sopranos of Witchcraft”, the story of Deanara, a powerful witch who has led her coven in peace and isolation for as long as anyone can remember, but when her rebel daughter becomes caught up in the dealings of two less reputable covens, Deanara must use all the powers at her command to protect her way of life.

Jen-16 (Thriller): (Not Available, Currently Under Option) The Cold War is not quite over.  In a secret lab in Russia, Eugenicists are attempting to create optimal humans by repeatedly destroying and recreating the original human subject.  Four of these Iterated Humans are severely flawed, one is the perfect specimen of human evolution.  She must lead them through a brave new world when a young CIA agent liberates them.  She is JEN-16. (2010 Storyboard TV Top 3 Finalist)

The Chorus (Thriller):  Strange radiation in Corrus Rock, Ohio gave the community’s children extraordinary abilities, which the town hushed up.  Now, on the 21st birthday of six of these extraordinary individuals, they are ready to reveal themselves to the world.


Murdergirls(Not Available, Currently Under Option) A group of high school girls set out to prove that they are so popular they can get away with murder… and they do.

(2nd Place 2005 Fade In: Screenwriting Awards, 2005 Scriptapalooza Semifinalist, 2005 Writemovies.com Finalist)

The Devil and Agent Webster:  The comedy that asks the eternal question:  What happens when the Devil has to go into the Witness Protection Program? (2005 Writemovies.com Grand Prize Winner)

Hell’s Angels:  When the Angel of Death rebels, a tough female Russian detective must enlist Satan himself to save the world. (2009 FilmStream Screenwriting Competition Finalist)

Winning the Race:  A kind-hearted social worker marries the perfect girl and plans to live happily ever after, but when their baby is born retarded, it may be more than he can handle. (6th Annual Fade In:  Awards Semifinalist)

Stone’s Gambit: Based on my own true story and magazine article, a disgraced chess coach takes a group of inner city kids to a National Championship and the World Youth Games in Moscow.  (2010 Writers Bootcamp Fellowship Winner)

The Blue Knight: Three generations of super-heroes, against the backdrop of history, attempt to make peace with one another.

Craig also has stage plays, comic book scripts and additional screenplays and concepts available upon request.


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