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House music BLARES and gyrating bodies abound. Amanda dances with some girlfriends as Vicki leans against the bar, drink in hand, talking to BOB.

So, how does someone so young get
to be a vice president?

Oh, you know, hard work,
determination. The usual. It can be
stressful, but it’s worth it.

That’s amazing. I’ve been working
for the same boss for seven years
and I haven’t even gotten one
single promotion.

Vicki looks past Bob to see STEFAN standing the corner. Stefan is tall, dark and handsome. He lights up a cigarette. He shoots Vicki a glance and smiles, cool as can be.
Vicki smiles back.

Yeah, well, keep at it. This could
be your year.

That’s what I keep telling myself,
but it’s like, you can only sell
hot dogs for someone else for so
long, you know? Eventually, you’ve
got to just dive in and get your
own cart, take that chance.

(still looking at Stefan)
Uh hunh…

But, you know, then you’ve got to
lay out for mustard, for
sauerkraut, for the umbrella. You
know that umbrella doesn’t come
with the cart? You’ve got to buy
that separately!

A bouncer approaches Stefan, indicating that he cannot smoke in the club. Stefan puts the cigarette out, takes one more look at Vicki, and heads for the door.

That’s horrible, Bill.


Right, Bob. Listen, I’ve got to run
to the bathroom, I’ll see you in a
minute, okay?


Vicki walks away, directly towards the entrance to the club.

Vicki exits the club and looks around. At first she doesn’t see Stefan, but then she spots a shadow moving by a nearby alley. She walks over to the alley. In the alley, leaning up against a wall, is Stefan, in the midst of lighting another cigarette.

Can I get one of those?

Stefan looks up, then pulls out another cigarette, lights it, and hands it to her. Vicki takes it and leans up against the wall next to him.

Pretty lame in there, hunh?

It was fine. I just needed a smoke.

Oh, I love your accent. What is
that, Russian?


Romanian, right, that’s what I
meant. I’m Vicki.

She extends her hand. Stefan shakes it.


Stefan. What a great name.

Great name, great accent, I guess
I’m the perfect man, hunh?

Oh, I’m sorry, I just… I’m just
trying to make conversation.

No, I’m sorry. That was rude. It’s
nice to meet you, Vicki.

Nice to meet you, too. How long
have you been in New York?

Only a year, now, but I have
visited in the past, many times.

That’s cool. Before I moved to New
York, I had visited many times too.

And where are you originally from?

Jersey. Montvale, New Jersey. Where
I’m fortunate enough to be going
back this weekend for several days
of suburban family fun.

I don’t have any family anymore.

Vicki finishes her cigarette and tosses it on the ground.

You’re lucky. I’m saddled with a
retired father who has decided to
become a pig rancher, a mother
whose career is being disappointed
in me, a sister whose example I can
never live up to, and her kids, who
I love to death, but am always
seeming to screw up with.

Pigs? Really?

Vicki smiles.

You can smell them for miles.

I’ll bet you would miss them if
they were gone.

Are you kidding? I want to shower
the second I hear them squealing.

No, no, not the pigs. Your family.

Oh, right, well, of course I would.
They just make it hard sometimes,
you know? I have to lie to them
constantly just to stay sane.

You probably make it hard for them
sometimes too.

Vicki smirks.

You really know how to woo a girl.
You’re lucky you have that accent.
OK, change of topic. What is it
that you do?

I’m studying abroad. I hope to
teach someday.

Really? Interesting. What exactly
are you studying?

American history.

Oh, cool. I love history.
Stefan raises an eyebrow.

Really? What do you love about it?

Umm… I love the way it repeats
itself. Heh heh.

Stefan smiles.

You’re cute. Do you want to get out
of here?

Sure. I don’t live too far from
here. We could have a quiet drink
at my place.

Quiet drink sounds good.

As Vicki and Stefan emerge from the alley, Amanda spots them.

There you are!

Amanda pulls Vicki away.

I’ve been looking everywhere for
you. What are you doing?

I was just talking to this nice guy
over here.

Nice guy? That guy looks like
someone you met through a
Craigslist ad. Seriously. Creep

He’s not a creep. He’s Romanian.

Amanda stares blankly.

OK, I don’t know what that means,
but I hope you’re not planning on
taking that guy home with you
tonight. He’s going to roofie you
and eat your brains.

Well, hopefully he’ll be eating

Vicki! Promise me you’re not going
home with that guy.

Vicki sighs.

Fine. Look. We’ll go to a diner
have something to eat, I’ll get his
number and then send him on his
way. Fair enough?

You’d better. I don’t want to read
in the Post tomorrow about a girl
found on the floor of her apartment
with eaten brains.

You won’t. I swear.

They hug and Vicki trots back to Stefan.

Everything all right?

I promised my friend we’d go get
something to eat. Can we do that?
Or are you going to make a liar out
of me?

Stefan looks concerned.


Well, I’m kind of on a…special
diet. But I’d be glad to buy you
something to eat.

What kind of diet? You look like
you’re in pretty good shape. Maybe
I should try it.

Hmm. Maybe once we’ve gotten to
know each other a little better.

Vicki shrugs.

OK. There’s a diner a couple of
blocks down. Let’s go.

Stefan watches as Vicki ravenously devours a hamburger.

God, I love the taste of meat after
I’ve been drinking, you know?

Stefan continues to marvel at Vicki’s appetite.

I can see that. You’re something
else, Vicki.

(through a mouthful of
Oh, yeah, I get that a lot. Like
“you lost another job? Vicki,
you’re something else.” or “Dumped
again? Vicki, you’re something

That’s not how I mean it.

How do you mean it?

I mean that in 100 years I’ve never
met anyone like you.

Vicki smiles.

Ah, your English is good, but not
perfect. You mean “in 100 years you
will never meet anyone like me.”

That too.

They lock eyes.

Let’s get out of here.

3/16-Present     Director of Content Marketing

NextGen Nexus

Creating, curating, managing and promoting content for Family Business Millenial website

5/16-6/16           Content Manager

Greenerz, Inc.

Created all writen content for site, including calls to action, service descriptions, and blog posts

9/14-2/16           Freelance Writer

Various Clients

Providing keyword-rich, SEO-friendly articles for a variety of clients and websites.

1/14-8/14               Copy Editor

Vantage Media

Primarily responsible for editing content for the Yahoo! Education site when it was powered by Vantage Media.

1/13 — 1/14             Freelance Copywriter

GlobalWide Media

Writing the majority of the original featured content articles for FinanceAce.com

Writing SEO-friendly articles on a variety of topics including finance, insurance, family and taxes.

4/10 – 1/13             Freelance Copywriter

The Search Agency

Providing keyword research, content deliverable scheduling, content production and meta information for a variety of clients across different verticals.

12/09                        Freelance Copywriter

Infuse Creative

Assisted with Copywriting Projects 

12/08-4/10                        Head Editor

Content Kings Management Group (CKMG.com)

Responsible for all content editing including exclusive in-house content editor of major survival guidance website The Survivors Club (TheSurvivorsClub.org)

10/07-4/10                          Head Writer

Content Kings Management Group (CKMG.com)

Overseeing creation of content for SEM/SEO company.  Solely responsible for the creation of all CKMG content for PokerListings.com



Chess Life Dec. 1998 Chess in the Schools Goes to Moscow P. 1

Chess Life Dec. 1998 Chess in the Schools Goes to Moscow P. 2

Masters in Professional Screenwriting from USC

Writers Boot Camp Alumnus

Former Coverage analyst/script doctor for ScriptCoach.com.

2016 Grand Prize Winner Other Worlds Austin Screenplay Contest: Original Pilot “Jen-16”

2015 Finalist Screencraft TV Pilot Launchpad Competition. Original Pilot “Coldwater”

2015 Finalist Los Angeles Screenplay Competition, Original Pilot “Coldwater”

2015 Semifinalist Screencraft TV Pilot Launchpad Competition, Original Pilot “The Colony”

2014 Finalist Creative World Awards Original Pilot “Coldwater”

2014 Finalist Creative World Awards Original Pilot “Hereditary”

2014 Semifinalist Screencraft Comedy Script Contest “A Christmas Survival Guide for the Modern Vampire”

2013 Semifinalist Page International Screenwriting Competition “TRAP”

2012 Finalist TrackingB.com TV Script Contest Original Pilot “Coldwater”

2011 Finalist Creative World Awards, Mentalist Spec “Red Cloud”

2010 2nd Place Winner Storyboard TV Competition, Original Pilot “Jen-16”

2010 Winner, Writers Boot Camp Fellowship, Feature “Stone’s Gambit”

2009 Top 10 Finalist, FilmStream Screenplay Competition, Feature “Hell’s Angels”

2008 Top 25 Finalist, NYTVF-FOX Comedy Script Contest, Original Pilot “Comic Book Geeks”

2006 Top 10 Finalist, Scriptapalooza TV Competition, Monk Spec “Mr. Monk and the Dog Detective”

2005 2nd Place Winner, Fade In Screenwriting Competition, Feature “MurderGirls”

2005 Grand Prize Winner, Writemovies.com International Writing Competition, Feature “The Devil and Agent Webster”


The Solver (Drama): John Torres “solves” problems, by eliminating them, as a Ft. Lauderdale based hit man. He only kills criminals, but since he is situated in the midst of a drug war, he’s got plenty of work. He’s got quite a setup, living in a retirement community for the security and the quiet and solving problems to make ends meet, but when his long-lost half-sister shows up, things get shaken up big time.

Comic Book Geeks (Sitcom): When two best friends realize their comic books store is failing, their dreams appear to be over. But when a beautiful woman shows up with her ex-boyfriend’s priceless collection, their whole world changes. (2008 FOX-NYTVF Comedy Script Contest Finalist)

Coldwater (Drama): Based on my grandfather’s unpublished memoir, Coldwater provides an inside look at the politics and intrigue within a WWII concentration camp.

Deanara’s Coven (Drama): A “Sopranos of Witchcraft”, the story of Deanara, a powerful witch who has led her coven in peace and isolation for as long as anyone can remember, but when her rebel daughter becomes caught up in the dealings of two less reputable covens, Deanara must use all the powers at her command to protect her way of life.

Jen-16 (Thriller): (Not Available, Currently Under Option) The Cold War is not quite over.  In a secret lab in Russia, Eugenicists are attempting to create optimal humans by repeatedly destroying and recreating the original human subject.  Four of these Iterated Humans are severely flawed, one is the perfect specimen of human evolution.  She must lead them through a brave new world when a young CIA agent liberates them.  She is JEN-16. (2010 Storyboard TV Top 3 Finalist)

The Chorus (Thriller):  Strange radiation in Corrus Rock, Ohio gave the community’s children extraordinary abilities, which the town hushed up.  Now, on the 21st birthday of six of these extraordinary individuals, they are ready to reveal themselves to the world.


Murdergirls(Not Available, Currently Under Option) A group of high school girls set out to prove that they are so popular they can get away with murder… and they do.

(2nd Place 2005 Fade In: Screenwriting Awards, 2005 Scriptapalooza Semifinalist, 2005 Writemovies.com Finalist)

The Devil and Agent Webster:  The comedy that asks the eternal question:  What happens when the Devil has to go into the Witness Protection Program? (2005 Writemovies.com Grand Prize Winner)

Hell’s Angels:  When the Angel of Death rebels, a tough female Russian detective must enlist Satan himself to save the world. (2009 FilmStream Screenwriting Competition Finalist)

Winning the Race:  A kind-hearted social worker marries the perfect girl and plans to live happily ever after, but when their baby is born retarded, it may be more than he can handle. (6th Annual Fade In:  Awards Semifinalist)

Stone’s Gambit: Based on my own true story and magazine article, a disgraced chess coach takes a group of inner city kids to a National Championship and the World Youth Games in Moscow.  (2010 Writers Bootcamp Fellowship Winner)

The Blue Knight: Three generations of super-heroes, against the backdrop of history, attempt to make peace with one another.

Craig also has stage plays, comic book scripts and additional screenplays and concepts available upon request.

Content Sample

Background Checks

In today’s world, where security is always an issue, background checks for new employees, also referred to as pre-employment screening, is crucial. Anyone who walks through your door is a potential threat. Across organizations, sensitive information has been unwittingly given out to every type of criminal element, from corporate spies to identity thefts to embezzlers and even to terrorists. When it comes to your business, a tremendous amount of diligence in checking on potential employees is warranted.

Types of Information to Check For

The types of information a background check can produce include criminal records, including any time incarcerated, citizenship/immigration status, litigation records, driving records, education records, drug tests and prior employment records and other financial information. Any of these can provide crucial information on whether it is safe to hire a particular employee. Certainly if a potential hire shows a criminal record of embezzlement, one would be very wary of hiring this person. It is of course against the law to hire someone who is in this country illegally. Driving information and financial records can give you an idea of how reliable or unreliable a potential hire is, and of course, a potential employee with an ongoing drug problem is one that many companies will want to avoid.


E-Verify is the current name for the Basic Pilot/Employment Verification Program. This program, run by the Department of Homeland Security, allows employers to instantly check the work status of potential new employees over the Internet by using the employee’s I9 form. Since the program became E-Verify, its accuracy rate has been recorded at 94 percent. While the program is voluntary for most, some states are now requiring employers to enroll in the program, and an Executive Order amended and signed by President George W. Bush legally requires Federal contractors and subcontractors to participate in the E-Verify system.

Legal Issues Surrounding Background Checks

One thing you should not do is try to do a full background check yourself, or using only resources within your company. There are many legal issues surrounding background checks. It’s important to know the laws in your state regarding who you can and cannot refuse to hire. The last thing you want to have happen when you are simply trying to protect your business and your clients is to get slammed with a discrimination lawsuit. Even if you have the best of intentions, failure to properly follow the law when doing a background check, including failure to properly notify the individual under investigation and improperly disqualifying someone based on past criminal record, can get you into trouble. That’s why it is extremely important to have trained professionals doing your background checks for you, both for comprehensiveness and legal protection.